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Charlotte Dancesport Challenge 2018

28th - 29th April, 2018 at UNC Charlotte


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About CDC

Where Ballroom and Latin Dancing Meet

We are excited to announce that Charlotte Dancesport Challenge 2018 will take place on the third weekend of April at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte campus. CDC is a dance extravaganza that provides competition on all styles of Ballroom and Latin dancing and open to all age levels. Most of our events are designed for amateurs however professionals are encouraged to dance with their students at our “teacher/student” events. We have categories for International Latin & Standard and American Rhythm &; Smooth as well as open dances such as West Coast Swing,  etc.. We also offer competition for age categories for Pre-teen (I & II), Junior (I & II), Adult and Senior level dances. Scholarships will be offered by our sponsors and “angel” donors to certain events and dances. Every year we hand out more than $2000 of cash as scholarship in support of competitors. We are excited to offer discounted registration to all who register by early registration deadline of April 15th. Online registration closes on April 22nd, however, it is possible to register on-site during the event based on availability. On April 28th Saturday night, evening session will start with a International Standard lesson with Andrea Zaramella. It will continue with the open level events taking place mixed in with social dancing and professional dance shows by top level professional couples. (Show dance details can be found under "show dances" section) It is a big party open to all so please come by and enjoy.

We offer competition in all styles of ballroom(Standard, Smooth, Rythm,  Latin and fun dances like WCS) on all age categories.

1 - Adult Dancer: 19 years old and over

2 - Senior Dancer: 35 years old and over (according to recent USA Dance rule change we will accept one of the dancers over 35 and one over 30 years old to qualify for this category

3 - Pre-teen I Dancer (4-9yo), Pre-teen II Dancer (10-11yo), Junior Dancer (12-15yo) and Youth Dancer (16-18yo)

Age Categories

This year we decided to compress the Saturday afternoon schedule and throw a big social dance with professional shows to bring together the competitors and Charlotte dancing community. Please see revised general schedule below. Saturday night lesson and social dance will start at 7:30.

Competitors are required to be on-deck ready to dance 30 minutes prior to their posted dance times. PLEASE SCROLL BELOW TO DOWNLOAD THE FULL EVENT PROGRAM

Organizers reserve to right to change event line-up order or times without advance notice.

Download FULL Program

Event Schedule

Every year we put together a high quality judging board to adjudicate the event.  We will add to the list below as we confirm members of our "Panel of Judges" for the 2018 competition

Jonathan Medlin

& Malin Alert

Maria St. John

Joe Huesmann

Okan Pala &

Tiffany Barnes

(Master of Ceremonies)

Master of Music

Master of Systems, Scrutineer,










  • How to register for the event ?

    To compete at this event, you register through O2CM comp management system, at

    If you do not have and O2CM account already, you will have to register on the website to create a new account. Once you have an account you can find Charlotte Dancesport Challenge on the list of competitions and follow instructions. Alternatively you can  Click the "Register" link for this website.

    In the registration system, there are two pages you have to go through to complete your registration. On the first page you pick the categories, levels and dances you will compete in. Second page allows you to select a package and pay for it.

    If you are registering multiple people from your team or studio, you can register them under  your profile once you create your profile.

    Paper registration is not available for this competition.

  • What is the fee for spectators? Do I need to buy tickets in advance?

    Advance ticket purchase is not required. Admission fee for Saturday night event with shows and social dancing is $10 for USA Dance members, $15 for Guests and $5 for students. Admittance fee can be paid at the door in cash or check. Admission  for the Saturday afternoon session and Sunday sessions are $8 for non-students and $5 for full time students which also can be paid at the door.

  • Is there a competition hotel or free housing for students

    We do not offer free housing for students at the moment. We recommend getting a house to share with your friends through AIRBNB or making a early reservation at a nearby hotel. In the past we have used Drury Inn University location and have received good feedback because it offers updated rooms and free breakfast.

  • What do I do if I want to dance but do not have a partner ?

    We have several solutions for you. You can post on the Facebook group stating that you are looking for a partner. Please make sure to include the style and level you want to dance in. Alternatively, we also keep a "parter search" paper at the front desk during the competition. You can put in your details on this list for others to find you and also look for others information for a good match for you.

    In addition, as long as dancers with TBA partners register for the events that they want to dance in (with TBA partner), they can meet on the side of the stage before each event and match up. Dancers who are not able to find a partner at all will have a chance to dance with a higher level dancer and not get

  • How do I change what I would like to dance in or register for the event once online registration is closed

    During the week you can email us to request changes. Also you can go to the front desk before your session starts and fill out a change request form. These are not guaranteed to be honored as if your requested addition might create a new round and add time to the competition schedule. Drop requests are always honored.

    If you want to register for the event after the online registration is closed, please email us or come to the front desk during competition.

  • Can I dance with my teacher or a higher level dancer ?

    Yes. Besides regular events we offer "teacher/Student" category. You can register with a higher level dancer or your teacher to compete in. Adjudicators will only judge you on your dancing compared to others in this category.

Frequently Asked Questions?


Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions. If you have a general question about the event, please check this section before contacting the organizer.


Are you ready to become part of this great tradition ?

Please see below for competitor pricing.  You have to go through the registration system and add each pass to  your account before you purchase them. Admission fees for spectators are as follows:

Saturday and Sunday day time admission: $8 for non-students and $5 students

Saturday night event with professional shows and social dancing: $12 for non-students and $8 students

Competitor Pass #1

(Full-time Student)


After April 15th 11:59 am, late fee of $10 will be applied

Entrance to all sessions

Compete at two cons. levels

Compete at all styles

Compete at fun dances





Number of dances in each event 1 / 2or3

Entrance to all sessions

Compete at two cons. levels

Compete at all styles

Compete at fun dances


Competitor Pass #2 (Non-Student)


After April 15th 11:59 am, late fee of $15 will be applied

Entrance to all sessions

Compete at two cons. levels

Compete at all styles

Compete at fun dances


Pricing List


We'd like to extend our sincere appreciation to our sponsors for precious years events. Please contact us if you want to be one of our event sponsors or scholarship donors.

LEARN ABOUT Becoming A Sponsor or Scholarship Donor

Our Event Sponsors

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Every Year we invite top professional couples in the region to teach lessons and  perform for us during the Saturday night party. This year (2018), the Saturday night party will start with lessons by Andrea Zaramella (7:30 pm) and We will have social dancing exclusively from 8:30 to 10:30pm. Show dances will be performed by Dmitriy Solomakha & Gabriella Sevillano during the social dance.

28 April 2018 @9pm

28 April 2018 @7pm

Dmitry and Gabriela were amateur national finalists and ten dance champions. Now they are successfully representing the United States in professional division. You can read more about this amazing couple here.

Andrea Zaramella is a highly accomplished dancer and teacher.  His achievements placed him as one of the worlds top 10 pro ballroom dancers. He is the organizer of upcoming competition Charlotte Star Ball.

Read More

READ MORE Here and here.

Saturday Night Social Dance with Lesson & Shows

Photo Gallery: We will upload more pictures here soon.

Contact info

Please email us before try calling the number below.

Mailing Address:

1427 Debra Dr. Cary NC 27511

+1 919 523 1329 +1 704 759 2569

© 2018 Charlotte Dancesport Challenge. All rights reserved.






1. Dancers may compete in two consecutive levels for a particular dance/style (Newcomer, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Novice, Pre-champ, Champ). All dancers, above the newcomer level, may also dance in the Open Novice International Viennese Waltz and Open Novice International Paso Doble Categories. WCS, Hustle, Salsa as well as the fun dances can be danced by any registered competitor.


2. Same-sex couples are allowed ONLY in newcomer and bronze events and any offered open dances like WCS, Salsa and Hustle


3. Youth-Junior level competitors are allowed to dance in the adult age category instead if they choose to do so. However they are not allowed to dance in both Youth-Junior and Adult categories at the same time for each dance style


Note: We will strive to abide by the most current USADance rules, but the event is not a USADance sanctioned event and all decisions and interpretations made by the organizer are final




EARLY REGISTRATION:  Ends on April 15th (midnight)


REGULAR REGISTRATION: Ends on April 21th (midnight)


COMPETITOR FEE: See "Pricing" section of this page for detailed information on this.


FULL TIME STUDENT COMPETITOR FEE: See "Pricing" section of this page for detailed information on this.


Age Categories


1. Adult: 19 years old and over

2. Senior: 35 years old and over (according to recent USA Dance rule change we will accept one of the dancers over 35 and one over 30 years old to qualify for this category

3. Pre-teen I (0-9yo), Pre-teen II (10-11yo), Junior (12-15yo) and Youth (16-18yo)


Levels (Amateurs only)


Level eligibility during this competition is in accordance with the USA Dance proficiency points system, with the additional restriction that individual bronze events are open only to dancers with 2 years or less of dance experience. This competition is open to Amateurs and Professionals. However professionals permitted to dance only in Teacher/Student categories as the “Teacher”.


1. Newcomer Started dancing no earlier than August 2017.


2. Bronze Only Bronze steps may be danced. Started dancing no earlier than April 2016.


3. Silver Only Bronze and Silver steps may be danced.


4. Gold Only Bronze, Silver, and Gold steps may be danced.


5. Open Novice, Pre-Champ and Championships Open figures permitted and encouraged.


6. Fun Dances All levels allowed.


Clarifying Points


1. The CDC will strive to abide by the most current USADance rules in general, however the organizer reserves the right to call back less than 50-percent of the couples in any one round, to proceed into the next round. This would only take place in the situation that the judges recall marks have created a series of ties and an additional round of dancing would be necessary. Current USADance Rulebook can be found at


2. In order for a couple to be eligible to dance at a level, BOTH the dancers in the couple must meet the requirements. For instance, if Jack can do bronze standard, but Jill is placed out of bronze standard, they CANNOT dance at bronze standard.


3. Your points earned at any other competitions (USA Dance or collegiate) do constitute toward your YCN points.


4. You earn points as a dancer, and not as a leader or follower. If Jill placed out of silver latin while dancing as a follower, she cannot dance silver latin even as a leader, unless the competition rules say so explicitly.


5. If you took a break from dancing, you can simply take out that much of time while looking at eligibility by time, but you should not start over.


6. Placing out using points is per-dance basis. It may be possible that you placed out of silver waltz, but not silver tango. In that case, you can dance silver tango, but not silver waltz. If you are placed out of more than half of the dances in a level for a style, consider dancing up for all the dances of that style.



1. We will be using the ISTD USISTD syllabi. In addition this year per the change implemented by USA Dance we will also allow dancers to use WDSF syllabi.


2. We comply with latest version of USA Dance Rulebook


The Charlotte DanceSport Challenge is not a sanctioned USA Dance, ISTD or WDSF event. However, in the spirit of Amateur dancing, and leveling the playing field, we have decided to adopt the USA Dance Rulebook and posted Syllabus so that we might develop more towards other mainstream amateur competitions. It is not the intent of the CDC organizers to overwhelmingly enforce the subtle differences between the various posted syllabi. As long as the intent of a Bronze, Silver, or Gold syllabus choreography is up held, we are willing to accept (but do not promote or encourage) the use of alternate syllabi. Final decisions and dispute resolutions will be at the sole discretion of the CDC organizers, without exception.



1. Syllabus events: Dress code must be adhered to. Even though costumes at syllabus levels are allowed we recommend syllabus dancers to focus on their dancing and complement their level of dancing with appropriate clothing.


2. Open events: Costumes allowed & encouraged. It is the intent of the CDC to uphold the newest USA Dance dress code. There should be adequate time to prepare for these updated costume rules, and again we are attempting to develop this event to parallel typical USA Dance events. Exceptions to the posted USA Dance costuming rules will be at the sole discretion of the CDC organizers and will NOT be granted except in very rare instances or emergency costume situations.


Dress Code Recommendations:




1. Men should wear dress pants (preferably black), a long-sleeved, button-down, dress shirt (preferably white or black), & tie. Vests are encouraged; Coats restrict movement.


2. Women will preferably wear a dress or skirt & leotard which allow full movement. Distracting bows/decorations are not advised. Simple colors and clean lines make a better presentation.




1Men should wear dress pants (pref. black), and a dressy shirt. Short sleeves are permitted.


2Women will preferably wear a dress or skirt & leotard which allow full movement. Tasteful body-wear which shows body movement is advised. Shorter skirts are acceptable. Full coverage under-clothing is strongly advised! Pants are not encouraged.




 Hair should be pulled back & neat for all styles.


Issues not clarified above is detailed in USA Dance rules for costumes and dance levels.


See the full details on the rules and dress code guidelines here:


Invigilation rules are listed here:

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